About Magmanus

Magmanus Company

Magmanus Company is a Swedish circus company founded in 2009 by the Franco-Norwegian duo Manu Tiger and Magnus Bjoru.

Our vision of the company is to spread happiness and inspire our audience to follow their dreams. We know this is a very big challenge to accomplish by performing arts, but we believe it´s important to sett our goals high and we think the combination of impressive circus skills, humor and the intensive interaction with the audience on stage is a very good toolbox to deliver the message we believe in.

The contrast of our physical appearance ‘the tall and the small’ emphasizes the different nature of our personalities, which we found actually complement each other both on the professional and private level. It has created a very strong bond between us, and it give us the possibility to play with this contrast to express our visions.  The big difference turned out to be our best strength.

The beginning of Magmanus                                            

It all started with an anecdote that is still making us smile:

Some years after finishing school Manu was working on a show with another artist, but he found himself mainly training alone and this one particular time was for him one time too many.  The same day Magnus happened to be working on his techniques in the very same hall, and since they had not meet for a very long time they both walked to each other. After saying hello Manu casually asked what Magnus was doing for the summer he got the surprising answer  “I’m going to make a show with you…”

We remember it like a minute or two of silence, probably our brains scanning trough the possibilities for our skills and personalities joined together. The silence broke by a simultaneous “OK, LET’S DO IT! “

Two weeks later, we were in the streets performing a sketch of the Magmanus show. The public’s reactions were so positive that we decided to create a the company and a full show. Since then we have performed our show in 21 countries and on three continents; Europe, Africa and Asia, in all different kinds of venue (theatres, traditional circus tents, in the streets, at festivals and more).