A circus show about holding on and letting go

The human domino effects, how one person’s actions can color or uncolored another person’s life, those are sometimes impossible to control. These two artists are hopelessly connected – when one falls, the other flies! Their separate actions create a single rhythm, and the audience share the responsibility for what happens next, uniting total strangers in a unique experience. Everything and everyone are attached in this circus performance – and there is no escape!

In this brand new experimental indoor show, Magmanus explore new techniques, constructions, and the laws of gravity.

ATTACHED is a show that will stick with you – it premiered in April 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Created and performed by: Magnus Bjøru and Manu Tiger
Director: Jay Gilligan
Trainer in Hand to Hand: Thierry Mausier
Trainer in acrobatics: Andreas Falk
Temporary Outside Eye: Herbie Treehead
Light design: Patrik Bogårdh
Music: Magnus Larsson
Prop makers: Ulf Poly Nylin and Adam
Costume designer: ClaesMikael Svensson
Velcro costume: Irene Westholm
Photo & editing: Alex Hinchcliffe
Technician: Bill Vileika
Production: Magmanus


With support from: Kulturbryggan, Kulturrådet, Stockholms Stad

In collaboration with: Subtopia, Sea Change Arts